Titan DSB Group is an established company in the Plastic Molding Industry and is affiliated to manufacturing of a variety of plastic products and components having its’ manufacturing facility in the Klang Valley.

Our Tool & Die division provides mold making services and precision molding of plastic parts and components. Besides that, we also design and fabricate customized tooling for the plastic injection molding industry.

After years of research and development on the safety of check-in luggages, we have managed to produce a padlock with security seals' features to be available for individual user. In normal circumstances, security seals are only available to companies and not individuals. This luggage padlock is named as TRAVELOC and it complements the TSA lock in terms of security and safety.

In accordance to one of the requirement of the Airport Authorities which allows the Airport Authorities to open up any luggage for physical inspection as and when required without damaging the locks used on the luggage.

The TRAVELOC is manufactured with the prominent Tamper Evident feature which allows the user to identify any tampering with only a visual check on the TRAVELOC. Besides this tamper evident feature, the Personalised Traveloc is customised with the name of the user as per passport for easy identification complete with a dedicated set of concurrent serial numbers laser marked for each individual in the Personalised Traveloc. The TRAVELOC Padlock is reusable whereas the TRAVELOC Seal is one time use as this is a security seal which complements the features of this unique TRAVELOC.

The use of TRAVELOC is to increase the knowledge and importance of securing check-in luggages for all users. The focus of innovating this product is also to increase the general and public awareness in safeguarding the check-in luggages with our tamper evident TRAVELOC to deter and prevent the check in luggages from being opened without trace. This will prevent dangerous and prohibited substances and items from being put into the check-in luggages without the users' knowledge. This would also help the users in identifying whether their luggages had been compromised upon arrival at their final destination. Should the luggages be compromised, the users will be able to inform and declare to the Airport Authorities that their luggages had been compromised and request for a 100% inspection to their luggages. By declaring to the Airport Authorities, the users are safeguarding themselves from prosecution should any illegal or prohibited items or substance are found in their luggages.