Security Seal with Luggage Safety in Mind

Affordable . Safe . Ease of Use

Personalised Traveloc is uniquely designed with security seal feature for personal use. It is customized with your name and a dedicated set of serial numbers laser marked in it. A choice of 5 colors are available.  

are for travelers on the go who wish to get additional security protection for their luggages. It is specially designed for instant use.

Corporate Traveloc is a customized version of Traveloc Express with company name, company logo and serial numbers etched in it. The Corporate Traveloc is a unique corporate gift.

complements the security of Traveloc to prevent "pen-trick" zipper tampering. The Traveloc Stopper can be manually fixed onto the luggage.


Traveloc Luggage Cover is specially designed to fully protect your luggage against unauthorised tampering. It is made of highly durable stretchable spandex material complete with a heavy duty zipper to prevent "pen-trick" zipper tampering.


Locking Procedures

Luggage safety in Mind

TRAVELOC is manufactured with the prominent Tamper Evident feature which allows the user to identify any tampering with only a simple look on the Personalised Traveloc or Traveloc Express.