Traveloc is not only used to immediately identify tampering to your luggage as it can also be used at home and on the safe deposit box. It is suitable for housewives to secure their valuables as it will be evident when the jewellery box is tampered.

The prominent tamper evident feature which allows the user to identify any tampering with only a visual check on traveloc. Now no one can put any Dangerous Items into your luggage without your knowledge.

Traveloc - Locking Procedures (2D Animation). Traveloc is different from conventional lock or TSA lock. Traveloc is not a lock; thus it does not come with a key. The traveloc padlock does not function on its' own and requires the security seal with dedicated serial number to engage the locking mechanism in the traveloc.

Reusable luggage lock can be opened and re-locked without trace. Baggage theft will spoil your holiday but being caught with prohibited items will ruin your life. Secure your luggage with traveloc as it is better be safe than sorry.

Taking photo of the sealed traveloc on your luggage is highly advisable. The photo will be your evidence if you encounter any tampering on luggage which is evident to unauthorized access / opening of your luggage when collecting your luggage from the carousel belt. Therefore, the photo will be useful when you report to the custom or airport authority.