1. What is traveloc®?

Traveloc® is a unique security seal with luggage safety in mind which complements the existing locking mechanism in all luggage. It consists of a padlock and security seal with tamper evident feature. The traveloc® padlock is reusable and the security seal is one time use only with concurrent serial number engraved on it for security purpose.


2. Is traveloc® different from conventional lock or TSA lock?

Yes. Traveloc® is different from conventional lock or TSA lock. Traveloc® is not a lock; thus it does not come with a key. The traveloc® padlock does not function on its' own and requires the security seal with dedicated serial number to engage the locking mechanism in the traveloc®.


3. Why do we need traveloc® on our check-in and hand carry luggage while travelling?

Because traveloc® offers peace of mind while traveling as traveloc® emphasizes on Luggage and Personal Safety.
Every conventional lock or TSA lock can be opened and re-locked without trace. The traveloc® complements the conventional or TSA lock as an additional security that enables the user to identify immediately tampering done to the traveloc® in any attempt to open the luggage.
Besides that, traveloc® will enhance the safety and security of the luggage. Therefore, securing the luggage with traveloc® will inhibit any dangerous or illegal items from being put into your luggage without your knowledge.



4. Is photo taking advisable after sealing your luggage with traveloc®?

Yes. Taking photo of the sealed traveloc® on your luggage is highly advisable. The photo will be your evidence if you encounter any tampering on luggage which is evident to unauthorized access / opening of your luggage when collecting your luggage from the carousel belt. Therefore, the photo will be useful when you report to the custom or airport authority.


5. Where is traveloc® applicable?

Traveloc® is applicable to the following :
i). Check-in luggage
ii). Hand carry luggage
iii). Luggage left at the concierge
iv). Luggage in the hotel room
v). Safe deposit box


6. Is traveloc® flimsy?

No. Traveloc® is made of high impact plastic material and harden steel. The pull strength of traveloc® is at approximately 100kg.


7. How to apply the traveloc® to hard casing luggage which do not have zippers?

You can purchase the customized traveloc® luggage cover/casing to protect and secure your luggage with the traveloc®; thus to enhance your luggage safety from being tampered with unauthorized access.


8. Can we use traveloc® while travelling to United States?

Yes. You can secure the traveloc® together with TSA lock as traveloc® complements added security to the existing locking mechanism (TSA) in your luggage. With the tampered evident feature of the traveloc®, it helps you identify immediately any signs of tampering which is not evident in the TSA locks. In the United States, the TSA authority will randomly open any luggage and they will cut the traveloc® and leave a note inside your luggage informing you that your luggage has been inspected by TSA. The broken traveloc® will be put together with note.
When you find your traveloc® is broken or lost; and could not determine whether your luggage was legally or illegally opened, please report and declare to the customs or airport authority that your luggage has been tampered and request for a complete inspection on your luggage to be conducted.


9. Can we open and check our luggage ourselves if we find that our traveloc® has been tampered or lost upon collecting our luggage from the carousel belt?

No. With the existence of CCTV in the airport, self-checking on your luggage is not advisable when you notice that your traveloc® has been tampered or lost because you are unable to identify whether it is legally or illegally opened. Therefore, you should report and declare to the custom/airport authority and request for your luggage to be inspected to safeguard yourself from unnecessary prosecution.


10. What to do when your traveloc® has been tampered?

Please leave the luggage on the carousel belt and report to the airport authority. Request for a 100% check to be conducted on your luggage and declare to the airport authority that should any illegal/dangerous/prohibited items found inside your luggage does not belong to you.


11. How do we secure our luggage from being tampered by pen or other tools without trace?

Use our traveloc® luggage cover with stopper which prevents the zipper from moving once it is sealed with the traveloc® or you can customised your luggage by adding a stopper.