Security Seal with Luggage Safety in Mind

Say NO to being a blind mule!

1. Before you collect your luggage at the carousel, visually inspect your Traveloc to verify its condition. If the Traveloc is damaged or missing, your luggage has been tampered with or breached.

2. At this stage you should alert the authorities to the condition of your luggage while it is still on the carousel.

3. By refusing to collect your luggage, you have NOT yet taken custody and control of your luggage.

4. Legally, a tampered Traveloc can help prove that the chain of custody and control of your luggage has been broken.

5. Your Traveloc can then serve as evidence in the event that illegal items are found or theft has been done by a third party during transit.

Locking Procedures

Luggage safety in Mind

Traveloc is manufactured with the prominent Tamper Evident feature which allows the user to identify any tampering with just a quick and simple look at the sealed Traveloc upon arrival at destination.